About LOVE

Thank you so much for dropping by our wonderful corner of the Ethernet.

Vincent here and I’m the “V” in Traveling With LOVE. What does that mean exactly?  Well, LOVE is the beginning of the first names of each of our family members: 

(L)aura is my wife and she’s Italian.  She’s from a picturesque city in the northern part of Italy.  She is an amazing mother and friend.  She’s also a certified doula and all-around child rearing guru (more on this later).

 (O)livia is absolutely amazing.  I can honestly say that I have learned more from being her father and watching her grow than I did all the years prior to her coming into our lives.  I am truly grateful for that.  

(V)incent, well, that’s me. I’m from South Carolina.  I am a certified sound therapist, music lover and self-awareness fanatic.  If it is anything dealing with understanding self more (i.e. ancient healing modalities, meditation, plant medicines and much more); I am fascinated by it. In other words, I guess I’m the one considered “out there”:-)!    

(E)lijah is simply a ray of sunshine.  At the time of this writing, he’s not even a year old but has completely added something to our family that simply cannot be measured. How someone without teeth can smile so brightly is beyond me.  Once again, I am truly grateful.

If you are wondering if we planned it that way…well, kinda.  After finding my true love and asking her to marry me; we started a family a few years later.  Olivia was our first and we didn’t really think anything about it until we noticed that our first letters spelled out LOV because we started documenting our traveling adventures under the name: Traveling With LOV.  So, a few years later, another beautiful bundle of joy came our way and this time it’s a boy.  We decided to complete the LOVE in our family and name him Elijah.  That’s why we sorta planned it that way:-). 

Our family truly has fun with each other and it shows.  And we really do enjoy traveling which is something Laura and I realized about each other from the moment we met but this site is about much more than that. Traveling is simply the vehicle we will be using to express our LOVE in so many different ways. 

Plus, if you want to learn how to create a lifestyle around your passion then we don’t mind sharing this with you as well.

Again, thank you for your Time and we look forward to sharing our Traveling With LOVE adventures with you!!!

BTW, speaking of having fun, check out our theme song: